The Social Enterprise Consortium™ (TSEC) is the Sustainable Development Agency providing implementation support through media and information technology services, and concept programme development for diverse clients across African industries and social sectors.

Our Vision is to be the leader in Promoting Sustainability Initiatives in Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa, measured by access to universal services and project impacts on various host communities. Our Mission is to enhance lives through improvements in the area of economic empowerment, social services, environmental risk management, and citizens participation.

Our Public Relations Strategy provides one roof support for development and marketing innovations, native media access, regulatory compliance reporting, productions and infrastructure. We promote universal services delivery and sustainability reporting, helping clients to profitably utilize social investments and charitable resources for greater mileage and lower costs.

As a member of the OceanSpring Group, our corporate social responsibility interventions target social, economic and infrastructure development. We have a commitment towards education and environment under the United Nations Global Compact initiative, and we are a Sustainability Reporting compliant organisation.