The Social Enterprise Consortium consolidates on the activities of its legacy firms with a track record that spans a decade of excellence. As the premiere private Sustainable Development Agency in Africa, our services are focused on promoting sustainability in the provision and access to universal services such as financial services, healthcare, electricity, education, water, security and relevant services.

We are a Sustainable Development Agency and preferred Special Purpose Vehicle for the advancement of social enterprises, political programmes, development projects, corporate social investments and legacy endowments in African industries through the provision of platform infrastructure for design and activation of innovations.

These innovations target the activities of private and public sectors in a way that improve their quality service delivery, policy intelligence, impact, productivity and viability; thereby creating sustainable cities and win-win situation for the providers and beneficiaries.

We anchor our service delivery and brand promise on the need forĀ understanding people, connecting them, building relationships and supporting their aspirations. Our platform serves as a tool for increased connectivity, broaching issues undermining productivity, facilitating informed decisions, creating awareness and pre-sale opportunities, and making clients look better.

Our involvement in ECOWAS Transport Facilitation (Joint Customs and Border) Programme in 2011 has been quite useful for several Nigerian firms and government institutions; and we continue to provide valuable resources for stakeholders on how to benefit from African Continental Free Trade Agreement. We are scaling up our Professional Practice to help clients achieve corridor transformation and benefits.